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An Illuminating Experience

White Panties was the first song Chere and I tackled together and it was this song that broke the ice and forced us all to step into the world I envisioned. When I told Chere the name of the song I wanted us to co-write, which was “White Panties”, her immediate inquiry, “What is it about?” I replied, “Love.” She then asks, “Can you sing the hook for me?” I sang the hook and she looked at me and I laughed. I went on to explain the story behind White Panties and as I was talking, I watched her listen intently. Chino walks into the room press a button on the sound board, walks out and she begins to write. A few minutes into listening to the looped track, she whisked off into another room and returned with a pad full of lyrics.

I remember asking her to add, “tickdicky, stickyyicky yum, ohhh lala” into what she was writing for “White Panties” and after a few tries, she comes back to me and says, “You are on your own with that one, I can’t think of anything.” Her honesty pushed me to step up and create the bridge that was born out of what I wrote to a previous song years ago that I never intended on releasing. The lyrics I changed, but the feeling was still the same and it was in that moment I realized I started to trust my ears and my own voice. Her writing capabilities showed me the benefit of having a co-writer. Our collaboration allowed me to tell my stories authentically.

The space we were allowed to create in, gave me the credence to tap into my sultry, sexy, emotions, without worry or judgment. I granted myself the permission to exude my feelings in the way it was pouring out of me. I knew this EP was going to be nothing like what I’ve done in the past, and when Daddy’s Girl was presented to me, it confirmed it.

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