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How Long Did It Take?

The Production of The EP - LIZ

Chino’s lack of sleeping and eating at appropriate times allowed the making of this EP to be recorded and produced in a short amount of time - in my opinion. Now, it did help that I was prepared to record and I had material and a vision to help move the process along. The entire EP took roughly one month to be finalized.

This EP was a labor of love and liberation. Each note was created from a simple idea, everything was designed around the ideas we all (Chere, Chino and I) collectively brought to the table. This collaborative affair, allowed each of our voices to be represented and yet, my vision and ideas to be front and center. I am so grateful to Chino for taking the time to dedicate so much of his time and energy to complete this EP, from my strange humming, to the weird notes and arrangements I would sing and have never written down, and he remarkably played and created those very sounds! There are other little things that he has done on this EP that will be our little secret for now!

-(Maybe we will share them one day… maybe)

I am impressed how he was able to take Chere and I collaborative ideas along with his own, and use his Guitar to come up with the cords for Daddy’s Girl, the sounds for Slave, the layered beats for Liz- Come back to me and the feeling of White Panties. I remember how we debated over each and every note, lyric and chord progressions with love and gentleness. He provided me a safe space to open up and was warm - hearted when I was brought to tears when it was time to record Daddy's Girl. Chino - Thank You!

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