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When completing the EP - LIZ deprives sleep.

Sleeping was optional and Chino wasn’t too worried about our eyes ever closing. He had enough adrenaline for the three of us. Eating was optional too, which required one of us brave souls to stop him from creating to say, “hey can we go out and eat?”, to which he would respond, “we will once we are done here.” Ugh! I loved and secretly wanted to drag him off his chair and into day light. It was during these times of hunger I quickly missed the “Bodega” and places that would deliver your food because they aren’t miles — away!

Chino allowed us to stay in his very warm and inviting home. His ability to be intimately involved with his work and still find time to have leisure banter with us, was a treat. However, I was nervous about falling asleep in the afternoon, and being a narcoleptic I had to get creative - My Siestas were important for me to take, how do I explain this? I would walk away and say, “okay, since you and Chere are working out those parts, I’ll go in the other room and work on mine.” Yeah, I was sleeping! (I am laughing as I am typing this) I know when he reads this, he will laugh too. I didn’t want to be the first person to fall asleep or even yawn with the indication of being tired! Oh the memories!

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