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Let me start by letting you all know I am a vegetarian / vegan and I was nervous about flying to Atlanta, GA, which I was told I would starve and shrivel up into nothing because being a vegetarian isn’t common place in the south. Boy was I nervous! Well, to my surprise, When I finally touched down in Atlanta, GA and met up with Chino, I was thrilled to know he too was a vegetarian. Listen, I was certain for the next 3 days, whilst I was out there, I was going to live off broccoli and rice with the exception of maybe water and Sonic cold beverages!

Not only did I not live off of only broccoli, rice and water, I enjoyed the tasty cuisine of some very delicious vegetarian dishes made my Chino himself and a few secret spots he introduced me to. I began to entertain the thought of relocating to the south; silly me thinking with my belly. I quickly realized, I would have to live in close proximity of these restaurants and eateries Chino introduced me to, cause as a Caribbean / Hispanic / African American woman, flavor in my food is a must and these places aren’t running rampant all up and through the south, which if they are - please, someone let me know.

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