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Talk To Me - The Unsung EP

Talk to Me

Talk to me, tell me what your name is and I'll give you things,

Gah- head and get a drank, loosen up boy you are too stiff.

Come a little closer boy, don't be afraid, you can tell me what you like and want,

I'll give you my rate! I don't come cheap mister man, make up your mind, hurry-hurry babe, I don't have much time... -Dina Hawthorne

I lost to a woman who wore fishnet stockings and no underwear - one of the judges said to me, "You have a voice that is fit for Broadway." She didn't know I was crushing on a dead man - Frankie Lymon and what the heck does, "a voice that is fit for Broadway", mean anyway, which she never fully explained. I was 16 years old and lost to an older woman whose crotch got real acquainted with the stage my dirty ass shoes was strutting all over. Talk to me would have been perfect for her and healthier for her crotch! The vibes presented in this song was due to my infatuation with the Doo-Wop Era because I was simply trying to drift off into someone else. I Doo-Woped my way into the Jazz and Swing Era. My body still moves uncontrolled to the rhythm of blues and desperation. Talk to me was born out of all the emotions I couldn't convey and all of the things I didn't do, for fear of the condemnation that may ensue. Talk to me is about dismissal and the desperation one is willing to go, to matter once more.

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