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I flew out to Atlanta, GA and met up with my producer/friend/family, Chino Stringss, we talked and caught up a bit, before jumping right into what I had in mind for the direction of the EP. At this time I wasn’t certain what the name of the EP would be, but I was clear about the message of the EP - Liberation. Working with Chino wasn’t always unicorns and rainbows, I was quickly reminded of his stickler for perfection. “Are you tired, go drink some tea and be back in here - ASAP, and bring one for me.” and “Ima need you to do that again", were words I dreaded hearing from him.

During this process, I really admired his ability to push through his own, “I am not tired eyes” and listen to me and draw the best out of my tired soul. I wasn’t ready for how much this EP was going to change the trajectory of my life. We debated over what sounds I liked versus what he liked, etc. I learned to trust my own voice and be vulnerable. The production of this EP was created in an environment where I was able to let go, drop a few tears, feel safe and share my liberation. Before flying back to NYC, he said to me, “Imma need you to do that again” and those were words I looked forward to hearing again.

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