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Before I ever called and dared to dream out loud with Chino, I wrote the lyrics, created the melody and the idea of what I wanted each song on this EP, to sound like, what emotion I wanted to emote and what story I wanted to tell. Upon reaching out to Chino, I then decided to have this project become a joint effort, which he then introduced me to a songwriter, to create the essence of the EP I envisioned.

Chere L. walked into the vegetarian restaurant where I was enjoying a meal with Chino, with his lovely Princess and it was there we met for the first time. I am certain she didn’t know what to expect from me and I wanted to make sure our first encounter wasn’t going to be our last. We talked and I learned she wasn’t a vegetarian but she was willing to try to consume the type of food myself, Chino and Princess were eating. I liked her already, to be a meat eater and give up meat even for a day - is difficult.

I admired how flexible she was willing to be. I am sure not eating meat overwhelmed her a bit, but after I tried explaining my vision for each of the songs I wrote for the EP, I felt she was probably going to head back to the airport and return to wherever she came from. She didn’t and we re-written / co-wrote all of the songs I brought to Georgia on the EP - LIZ together, with the exception of Daddy’s Girl. This song, I wasn’t prepared to sing or prepared to co-write.

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