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Liz was a name I was given. (The story on how will come much later.) It was a name I connected with, whenever I didn’t feel like associating with who I truly was. It was easier for me to blame Liz for ruining my life, easier for me to allow Liz to speak up for me.

Liz was someone everyone loved, liked, despised and never met with the exception of one person. I didn’t like everything she was and yet she was exactly who I was. Liz was able to live openly and unabashed, and I as Dina never felt that I could live quite as free. Dina would never “bend over, bend over, bend over” or “wake up and run out before the sun was out”, however, I did all of that and then some, and Liz was the persona, I fought with internally.

Liz taught me a lot about myself and pushed me over the edge. She taught me how to be me and showed me what I needed to work on and avoid. I held onto Liz because she was safe but I knew at some point, I needed to let her go and be confident, knowing I was enough as Dina Hawthorne.

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