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  • Organize your life. Life is already complicated; organizing it shouldn't be.​

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  • Prove to yourself; you are willing to do what it takes to clear your mind to manifest the life you desire and have always dreamt of becoming a reality.


As a working mom, creator of G.A.M.E. & Co-Founder of The Elijah-Alavi Foundation, I understand the complexity of life and how busy it can be. Elijah's Law, a recent bill in New York state, was passed in honor of my late son, Elijah-Alavi. I did all of this while grieving. 

Embracing my mental pain and heartache was the most challenging thing I ever had to do. Still, I wanted to ensure that other children would be protected and that school workers would be educated on the severities of food allergies and implement actionable steps to creating a safe environment for infants and children.

I am happy to share that in the last three years, I’ve completed my graduate studies earning my Master's and reconnected with my eldest son while homeschooling him. I also wrote a book called, “Good Mourning" and released a new single, “Get Up,” to motivate others who have also experienced grief and mental anguish. 

As a mental health advocate, I understand how mental fog, depression, and anxiety can clutter and overwhelm our mind, preventing us from living a regular life and accomplishing our life goals. Through my hardships, I learned that life would be challenging. However, the key is knowing where to start and how to start the healing process. 

Let me help you declutter your mind, body, and spirit using my unique 2 step system to realign your goals, kick unhealthy habits to the curb, and live the life you truly want. 



Medical Billing / Entrepreneur 

"These worksheets work well together. It is a good headstart in the right direction. Subtly, it shows you how crowded your mind is and allows you to prioritize your goals and hold yourself accountable. It was an excellent first step before taking the next step to working with Dina."


Father of 2 & President of Non-Profit

"Like most men, we tend to think we have everything in order, so having a structure such as this worksheet will help us align ourselves mentally and physically. It helped and provided me with an outline, like a how-to, to organize my life and goals. Like myself, the average man in society has been taught that we do not need to focus on ourselves in an organized manner. It showed me I need to organize my life; I didn't even know I needed to de-clutter mind."


New Mom & Child Protective Specialist 

"It's an excellent first step to figuring out what you need to do first. I am a busy mom, and it helped me to declutter my mind and keep track of what needs to be done. It was helpful for me."


NYC Government Worker

"I honestly didn't think, decluttering your mind was a thing. I didn't think I needed this. I tried it and low key, I was surprised how beneficial it was. I live a very active life, but I never allowed myself to stop and think about a few things. It was a gentle first step I needed to pay attention to my life."